How does team plus work?

By "overheating" water under high pressure, steam is produced at a temperature of +/- 150 ° C at the spray nozzle.

The combination of steam, water and oxygen (air) is sprayed onto the surface with an adjustable working pressure (up to 200 bar). The SteamPLUS function is activated with a push button on the control panel.

what can team plus do?

Remove graffiti and paint layers without using chemicals and / or strippers

Chewing gum removal, at least 5x faster than other methods (1800-2400 pieces per hour)

Cleaning without damage to, among other things: (monumental) facades, works of art,

wooden objects, paving, etc.

Removal of: atmospheric pollution, paint, coatings, resin, layers of glue, road lines etc.

Disinfection of odor and odor control in machines, playgrounds, sanitary rooms, parking garages etc.

With WeedPLUS, weed control is achieved through overheating of the weed plant without the use of pesticides and 100% environmentally friendly methods.

By installing the WeedPLUS technology on a high-pressure trailer it is possible to control weeds even with a high-pressure trailer.

Control WeedPLUS® weeds without pesticides.

WeedPLUS® only needs 4 treatments per year.

WeedPLUS® makes a high-pressure trailer and unit even more multifunctional.

WeedPLUS® complies with new weed control legislation.

    Fighting weeds with WeedPLUS® is possible everywhere. With the various nozzles it is possible to work extremely selectively without collateral damage. Because the working speed is up to 25% higher than with other alternative weed control methods and because up to 60% fewer treatments are required (see University of Copenhagen research), WeedPLUS® is also the best alternative economically.

    By installing WeedPLUS® in a Meclean High-pressure trailer or unit, in addition to high-pressure cleaning work, we can also control hot water weed.

    Why is combating hot water weeds interesting now?

    From 1 January 2016, it is prohibited to use pesticides throughout the EU. This prohibition not only applies to municipalities, provincial services, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, gardeners, green contractors, but also to any other company such as an office or supermarket with a parking area.

    How do we use WeedPLUS?

    WeedPLUS® is a hot water weed control technology that can optionally be built into a high pressure trailer, Trailer pack or Trailer jet and is activated with a push button with control panel. With WeedPLUS® weed control of weeds in a 100% environmentally friendly way by means of overheating of the weed plant without the use of pesticides.

    All our craftsmen have a professional certificate and are therefore specialized in all your jobs.

    Quality craftsman

    Environmentally friendly methods!

    Patented boiling hot water technology!

    Certified and sure

    Maintenance guarantee!

    The best prices!

    10 year warranty on facade and roof

    Gevelreinigingkars  meclean trailerjet

    What can facade cleaning cart do with this trailer jet?

    A TRAILERJET is suitable for professional (industrial) cleaning activities on site such as facade cleaning, graffiti removal, surface cleaning, roof cleaning, (cargo) car wash on location, paint and coating removal (SteamPLUS), chewing gum removal (steamPLUS), weed control (WeedPLUS), etc.

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