Why clean solar panels?

Why clean solar panels?

A solar panel works by bringing as much light as possible to the solar cells. If your solar panels are dirty, less sunlight comes through. Of course the system will continue to work, but it will generate less solar energy. In other words, dirt makes solar panels generate less power.

How do solar panels get dirty?

The best time to clean solar panels

How often do I have to clean my solar panels?

Major cleaning of solar panels

There are also techniques to prevent dirt on solar panels. For example, there is a way that roughens the glass on the surface. As a result, less light reflects and more light enters the solar cells. Plus: the dirt is not as good in this area. You can also have a thin layer applied that is dirt-resistant. You should never treat this layer with soap or corrosive cleaning agents. So be careful.

What makes your windows dirty also covers your solar panels. Just think of sand, dust, leaves or snow and of course bird poop. A big blob of a pigeon saves 5% energy.

Many people say that it is not necessary to clean solar panels, because the rain does. The rain helps, of course, but not enough. Research shows that clean panels generate about 3% more energy than dirty solar panels. Some cleaners make nice promises that you get 15% in benefits, but you really have to take that with a pinch of salt. If you generate 3% more energy every year, that's quite a lot. So the cleaning, but how do you do that?

The answer is obvious. It is most convenient to clean the solar panels before the sun really shines brightly. So the best time is at the beginning of spring because May, June and July deliver the most sunshine. Try to clean your solar panels on time, so that you generate as much power as possible.

If it rains often, solar panels usually automatically rinse clean to a large extent. Then once every 5 years is enough. In sandy areas, we recommend cleaning the solar panels every year. Like in the desert where there are many solar parks. With the dry summers you may need to clean the panels more than once every 5 years.