Steam cleaning, how does that work?

Steam cleaning of your facade is a relatively cheap and effective way to clean the facade of your home or office building. After all, if the facade of your house or office building is soiled, moldy or moistened, the facade can lose its protective function. By means of steam cleaning you can guarantee the protective function of your façade in a safe and environmentally friendly method. This way your property is protected against external influences. Think of moisture, wind and cold. We are happy to give you tailor-made steam cleaning advice, so that an optimum result is achieved.

If your office building or home is cleaned with steam cleaning, this is done with the help of a steam generator. The steam that is created is sprayed onto the façade at a high pressure under a temperature between 130 and 150˚C. The water with which the façade is cleaned is collected and relieved at a special place. It is completely safe for the façade because no cleaning agents are added to the water. The hot temperature makes the dirt on the wall softer and lets it go easily. Steam cleaning is a gentle method and can therefore be applied to multiple substrates. Have a steam cleaning carried out quickly by Facade Cleaning Cart.

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