Good paintwork can make the difference between 'just not' and 'completely finished'. With beautiful wooden frames or a smoothly plastered wall, unprofessional paintwork is often clearly visible and that is a shame of all the beautiful work. View the paintwork.

You've probably seen it yourself. Friends or family who thought to 'paint themselves' the house. Practice shows that a painter's job is often less tidy than expected and usually also takes more free time than expected. Sometimes with half work or trimming work as a result. This makes the difference between a beautiful house or a very beautiful house. If you do have the time and are a bit handy then you can certainly learn how to paint neatly.

The painter can turn a beautiful house into a much more beautiful house through a good layer of paint and the difference with his own paintwork is greater than often thought. More than once I have seen an expensive plasterer at work whose work has later been messed up because someone without experience has quickly "brushed" the walls. You can also really see it with beautiful new wooden frames with good craftsmanship. In addition, it also lasts longer so you don't have to paint again as quickly.

Quality A beautiful house starts with a painting by Gevelreinigingkars