Monuments - from historic buildings to monumental statues - require extra care during cleaning. To preserve the monument, we always recommend that experts have the cleaning done. If the monument is damaged during cleaning, for example, this can lead to damage more quickly due to weather influences.

The cleaning of monuments must therefore be done with the greatest care. The same cleaning method is not used for every project. What is suitable for one monument can lead to serious damage in the other monument, such as crumbling, flaking or sanding. The specialists at © Gevelreinigingkars. are happy to come by to determine the best cleaning method.


When cleaning monuments, it is important to preserve the appearance. Some materials receive a certain attack that must remain in place to preserve the appearance of the monument. Consider, for example, patina on copper surfaces. Knowledge about the materials and the method of cleaning is essential for monuments. The skilled cleaners of © Gevelreinigingkars. determine which method of cleaning is most suitable. To reduce the risk, we always start cleaning on a test surface. This way we can determine the result and prevent damage.


A monument must be kept in good condition to be able to enjoy it for years to come. During cleaning it is therefore important to be cautious and not too enthusiastic to get started with cleaning products for graffiti, for example. Graffiti is easy to remove with the right means and within a certain time. When cleaning monuments, we prefer to preserve the existing appearance. The age of a monument can be seen because it belongs to the history. The cleaners of © Gevelreinigingkars. see to this.

We clean with Steamplus and Weedplus. Read more here ....


Specialists carefully determine the best cleaning method

Cleaning can prevent serious damage

Professionals ensure that the existing appearance is maintained