Remove chewing gum

Remove chewing gum

Some streets are full of white and black spots on the pavement. You will find chewing gum almost everywhere, such as on the street, playgrounds, benches, walls in alleys and so on. Unfortunately, this does not benefit the street scene and chewing gum can easily remain in place for years after it has been left behind by someone. Removing chewing gum is therefore a necessary evil to improve the street scene.

The most effective way to remove chewing gum

Why we do not clean with cold water

Thanks to our unprecedented cleaning technique, we can remove the chewing gum without any problems. Hydro Cleaning uses the most effective cleaning method at the best price. The method we use is a lot faster than other methods. Because we do not use chemical agents, sensitive surfaces can also be taken care of by us.

Some municipalities use a very dated technique to remove the chewing gum from the street, namely with cold water under high pressure. This is one of the first techniques to remove chewing gum and unfortunately does not always work well. By using the high-pressure cleaner, chewing gum residues can remain or a stain will remain on the pavement. In addition, the pavement or facade is slightly damaged by the impact of the water.

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