A rain shower one day and the day after it starts to freeze. All not conducive to your facade. By impregnating your wall, your facade can withstand this better and mold and moisture problems will be a thing of the past. Before you call in a specialist, do you want to know what it will cost you to impregnate your facade? send us a quote quickly.

Before you have your façade impregnated, it is important that your façade is cleaned first, so that there is no layer of dirt between your wall and the impregnating layer. Not only for impregnating your wall, but also for cleaning it is recommended to hire a specialist. You obviously do not want to pay more for this work than necessary. Nevertheless, specialists charge a different price for the same job. This difference amounts to as much as 40%. With us you request a quote within 2 minutes. Request a free, no-obligation quote here. You will receive the quotes within 24 hours.