Remove graffiti

Remove graffiti

Various methods have been developed to remove graffiti. This is because it depends on the type of graffiti that has been used and the substrate on which it has been sprayed. We distinguish between:

steam cleaning

cleaning agent


The specialist can determine which method is best for each situation.

Steam cleaning

When removing graffiti by means of steam cleaners, water is heated to as much as 150 degrees. The steam is then sprayed against the façade at high pressure, which dissolves the paint. This is the easiest way to remove graffiti. Because some graffiti is too strong for this method, it cannot be applied in every situation.

Use of cleaning agent

If it is not possible to remove graffiti by means of steam cleaners, it is necessary that cleaning agent is used. This applies when several layers of graffiti have been sprayed over each other or if the paint is stubborn. When cleaning with cleaning agent, it is important that the substrate is taken into account, as it is affected if incorrect cleaning agents are used.


The most persistent form of graffiti removal is blasting, whereby a blasting agent such as sand or fine stones is added to the water. This is done in a sprayer and the graffiti is sprayed off the wall. By having this done by a specialist, you can be sure that there will be no damage to your facade.