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How it works:

Facade cleaning cart likes to keep it simple

You can receive a price and advice from us within one day by email. It is therefore not necessary that we first visit you on site. That is possible, but it is not necessary. You can upload your data and the photos of your building via our contact form and we will do the rest. That saves time, so you don't have to stay home especially for it. We estimate the work based on data and photos that you provide to us. In addition, we often also look at Google Streetview and draw on our extensive experience in facade cleaning and roof cleaning.

you can upload your photos directly from your phone or tablet via our contact / quote form.

We do not use chemicals, remove dirt without damaging the surface.

And cleaning with sandblasting to prevent damage.

We clean buildings daily or periodically, but also once-only! And always with a fixed team, creating lasting relationships. With people who understand their profession and are open to your specific requirements and wishes. We have 8 buses running through the Netherlands and are a large company with a lot of work experience. We are rolling up our sleeves. The management is also on the road! And that feels solidarity !. We do this according to the deep extraction method and we have the right equipment to clean large surfaces in a short time, so that you can return to the workplace quickly.

We have references throughout the Netherlands:

10 year warranty on facade and roof cleaning

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